Getting to Know You and Your Pets

I offer all my prospective clients an initial no-risk, free consultation because I understand the importance of trusting someone with your precious pets.

During this visit, we'll discuss details about your pet such as special feeding instructions, medical needs, number of visits (per day), the duration of service and any other special requirements. If you decide to use my services, we'll also complete a comprehensive service form.

Taking Care of Your Home and Your Pet

Each visit includes:

  • Fresh food and water
  • TLC! This includes hugs and pets, exercise and play time—knowing that some animals demand more attention than others!
  • Litter box maintenance for cats
  • Walking for dogs
  • Arranging for medical treatment in the event of an emergency

While I'm there, I will also:

  • Collect your mail and newspapers.
  • Do a security check of your house while you're away that includes opening/closing blinds and drapes and turning off and on lights that you designate.
  • Water your plants.
  • Manage your security system.

Hours Of Service


Since cats are fairly independent, visits are usually scheduled for once a day. Additional visits can be scheduled if necessary.


Dog visits are scheduled at 6-hour intervals so that your dog isn't left alone for an extended period of time.